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Terms and Conditions


All recoveries will need to have the callout fee paid in advance as a minimum to book or for us to action any recovery. 

The balance will be settled once the driver arrives with you.

Impound recoveries need to be paid in full to book, please see impound recoveries in our terms and conditions for more information below.


 Under no circumstance is the callout charge refundable for any recovery.

If you wish to cancel the recovery at any time the remaining balance will be refunded to you minus any charges incurred (admin fee, mileage, congestion charge/ULEZ, time and tolls etc.) as long as we have not reached you beforehand.  Please also see payment and cancellation policies.

Pound recoveries

All police pound recoveries will have to be paid in full at the time of booking. By Bank transfer only!

If the customer is not present, an admin fee of £55 will be charged. Failed collections are non-refundable for callout, admin and waiting time fees unless it is our fault. (This means the police will not release the vehicle to us due to our paperwork not being correct or we cannot load the vehicle)

All documents for your vehicles release will need to be emailed to us prior to collection and release fees and recovery funds transferred to us via bacs only prior to collection. (NO EXCEPTIONS)


All pre-booked transportation needs to be paid for in advance, payments should be received no later than three days before the collection is made. If the booking is made less than three days in advance, payment is required immediately on booking. Until payment is received, your booking will not be confirmed, and therefore we may not be able to undertake your job, or offer you your preferred date or time.

Payment, Cancellations, Waiting Times and Refund Policy

Payment should be made either by bacs, cash or credit/debit card over the phone prior to recovery. For transportation jobs, payment needs to be made at least three days in advance of collection. Any recovery costing more than £100 needs to be made via bacs only.

We can accept the callout fee by card and you may pay the rest in cash on arrival for the recovery.

This is due to a number of fraudulent chargebacks that have been made.

For all cancellations you will have to pay a cancellation fee of £55 as long as its cancelled before the driver has been dispatched to you.


If the driver has already been dispatched then you will be charged a callout fee plus mileage, tolls, congestion charge and time travelled.

If the driver arrives with you and you wish to cancel you will be charged the full recovery fee no exceptions.

Please see specific service required for full refund information.

We are very transparent and honest about our pricing and never increase the price of a job unless the job changes.


The price quoted is the price you will pay!

If the pick up or drop off point changes the price may change.

If the vehicle is not in the condition stated on the phone or you have decided to keep vital information of the condition or position of the vehicle, then the price may change for this as well.

IE The vehicle is not at a normal ride height from when manufactured

The vehicle is stuck in gear, it can’t steer or is stiff, the vehicle is on its roof or side, the vehicle is impounded, the vehicle was seized for no insurance, the vehicle is trapped or in a very tight space to get to, or get it out.

The vehicle is in an underground car park, the vehicle has a lock on the wheel or wheels are immobilised/ not rolling or missing.

We will wait upto two hours on any job but this is to our discretion. After the first twenty minutes you will start to incur charges.

This would be charged at our standard waiting time rate of £55.

After the first hour has elapsed we will decide whether we will continue to wait.

This is decided on a case by case basis.

After two hours your job will be cancelled no exceptions and all waiting fees will need to be paid.


Vehicle liability/insurance

We are only responsible for your vehicle while it is loaded in/on ours. All vehicles are covered by our 'carriage of vehicle motor trade insurance policy” a copy of which is available on request.

Any additional insurance required for vehicles in excess of our 'carriage of vehicle cover' (£25,000) will be negotiated and maybe invoiced separately.

Whilst every effort is made to keep to promised delivery schedules or quoted callout times, DMR Vehicle Recovery will not be held responsible for late or failed collections or deliveries due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, such as road works, traffic delays, accidents, breakdowns or adverse weather conditions etc.

Any damage not identified at time of drop off will not be accepted by us. All damage would need to be viewed by us prior to any repairs taking place.

DMR Vehicle Recovery will not be held responsible for any damage that cannot be attributable to negligence on behalf of DMR Vehicle Recovery or our staff.

For example Acts of God (Storm damage, Bird Strike etc.) DMR vehicle Recovery will not provide or be liable for the costs of any hire cars, replacement vehicles or compensation whilst the vehicle is being repaired.

Accident recovery/damaged and immobilised vehicle

We will not be held liable for any further damaged caused when loading/unloading damaged or immobilised vehicles.  This also includes steps taken to secure the vehicle for recovery or the pressure to damaged component’s when pulled on or off of the recovery vehicle and strapped down .

This includes but is not a complete list, further wheel or suspension damage while being dragging on to our vehicle,

cutting or pulling items off to then secure them properly.

This may include removing of damaged items such as bumpers, wings, lights, wheels or forks causing safety issues with loading or could fall from our vehicle while in transit.

These damaged parts may be placed inside your vehicle if we cannot hold them on the trucks bed securely while in transit.


Passenger Information, Restrictions and Safety

You are responsible for your own safety and that of any of your passengers at all times during a recovery or when in our vehicles. Please do not enter or get on top of our vehicle unless the operator tells you it is safe to do so.


Do not open any doors or interact with our vehicle or yours during the recovery unless the operator lets you know it’s safe to do so.

 Please do not get involved with the loading or unloading of your vehicle! Please stand well back and do not distract the operator while the recovery is taking place.

Please listen to the operators instructions for your safety. (such as putting on a high visibility vest and standing back behind the barrier or where you are instructed to stand. Also please give the operator room to work without distraction.

While in our vehicles there is no smoking or vaping.

We do not allow consumption of any food or drink while in our vehicles. Any food or drink should be kept off of seats. And any damage to our vehicle while you are onboard will incur charges. This includes spillage and stains.

While the vehicle is in operation do not distract the driver or attempt to open any doors or put anything out of the window. The driver will let you know when it safe to enter and exit the vehicle.

A safety belt must to be worn at all times while in our vehicle and if you have young children, you need to make sure they have their belt on as well.

We do not allow pets in our vehicles unless you are on a motorway or A road and we will drop you to the nearest safe place then the animal will need to be transported by another means.

If the animal damages our vehicle or relieves itself in our vehicle you will be charged for this also.



​ By accepting a quote given by us, you are deemed to have fully accepted our terms and conditions.


DMR Vehicle Recovery LTD

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